dr. F.D. (Frans) Huijzendveld

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  • Unit:fac. der geesteswetenschappen ( gesch/oudh/k&c )
  • Position:Assistant professor

Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest

African History (Eastern Africa); Global History.


Global History;African History;History of the Indian Ocean;Witchcraft in Africa, Colonisation and decolonisation, Failing States and Democracy in Africa;Islam in Eastern Africa, Swahili culture, Africa and the World.


Changes in Political Economy and Ecology in North-East, Tanzania; between ca, 1850 and 1950.The focus is on agricultural and ecological changes.


Changes identities in relation to the movement of goods, ideas and people in eastern Africa.

A first focus is on the Greek migration and the Greek community in East Africa from the end of the nineteenth century onward, against the background of entrepreneurial diaspora, integration into transnational economic and social networks, and diaspora identity in connection to nationhood and statehood.


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  • F.D. Huijzendveld, Die ostafrikanische Schweiz : plantages, planters en plattelandsontwikkeling in West-Usambara, Oost-Afrika, ca. 1870 – 1930. N.W. Posthumus reeks ; 7. Amsterdam: NW Posthumus Instituut, 1997. 


  • Frans D. Huijzendveld, "Review of Peter Boomgaard and David Henley (editors), Smallholders and Stockbreeders: Histories of Foodcrop and Livestock Farming in Southeast Asia." EH.Net Economic History Services, Sep 14 2005. URL: http://eh.net/bookreviews/library/0982
  • Frans Huijzendveld, Han Knapen, Forests of Fortune? The environmental history of Southeast Borneo, 1600-1880 (KITLV Press : Leiden 2001), 16 (2002) 2, 97-99.


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