dr. J.J. (Jaap-Jan) Flinterman

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  • E-mail:jj.flinterman@let.vu.nl
  • Unit:fac. der geesteswetenschappen ( gesch/oudh/k&c )
  • Position:Lecturer in Ancient History

Office hours: usually three or four days a week

Curriculum Vitae
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Research interests

The Greek world of the first centuries CE, especially Greek oratory and literature as a medium for the construction and expression of Greek élite identity under the Roman Empire; attitudes of intellectuals vis-à-vis political power; sages and miracle-workers claiming or credited with a superhuman nature; oneiromancy and other forms of private divination; Greek authors such as Aelius Aristides, Artemidorus, Lucian and, last but not least, Philostratus. 


Courses taught in 2015-2016, in most cases together with colleagues: Introductory Courses in Ancient History for students in Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Classics, and History; Introduction to Sources for Ancient History; Hellenism from Alexander the Great to Severus Alexander; Ancient Historiography; Ancient Religions; Oligarchic revolutions in democratic Athens (historical seminar for students in Ancient Civilizations and History); The Peloponnese from the Battle of Leuctra to the Sack of Corinth (interdisciplinary seminar for students in Ancient Civilizations and History, taught in cooperation with Dr. A. Prent); Greek Elite Culture in the Roman Empire (a tutorial for graduate students in Ancient Civilizations, Classics, and History).


The various research interests mentioned above merge in work on a literary and historical commentary on part (at the moment on Book I) of Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius ofTyana', together with dr. E.M. (Emilie) van Opstall and in cooperation with prof. dr. G.J. (Gerard) Boter, who is working on a new critical edition of the Life of Apollonius.



  • Power, Paideia & Pythagoreanism. Greek identity, conceptions of the relationship between philosophers and monarchs and political ideas in Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius (Amsterdam: J.C. Gieben, 1995). [Summary of Philostratus' Life of Apollonius] - [BRILL] [pp. 29-51 ('The Writer') and 60-66 ('The Main Character') reprinted in: Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism. Excerpts from criticism of the works of world authors from Classical Antiquity through the fourteenth century, from the first appraisals to current evaluations, volume 62 (2004), 234-252 en 252-259].


  • 'Sophists and emperors. A reconnaissance of sophistic attitudes', in: Barbara Borg (ed.), PAIDEIA. The world of the Second Sophistic (Berlin/New York: De Gruyter 2004), 359-376. 
  • [With G.J. Boter], 'Are petitionary dreams non-predictive? Observations on Artemidorus' Oneirocritica 1.6 and 4.2', Mnemosyne 60 (2007). 589-607. 
  • 'Apollonius' ascension', in: Kristoffel Demoen & Danny Praet (eds), Theios sophistês. Essays on Philostratus, Life of Apollonius of Tyana (Leiden etc.: Brill, 2009) 225-248.
  • '"The ancestor of my wisdom." Pythagoras and Pythagoreanism in the Life of Apollonius', in: Ewen Bowie & Jas Elsner (eds), Philostratus (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009) 155-175.
  • 'Pannucome revisited: lines 11-13 of the Laodice inscription again', Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 181 (2012), 79-87.
  • 'Pythagoreans in Rome and Asia Minor around the turn of the common era', in: Carl. A. Huffman (ed.), A History of Pythagoreanism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014), 341-359.
  • [With J. Bilbija], 'Dreaming of deities: Athena and Dionysus in the Oneirocritica', in: G. Weber (ed.), Artemidor von Daldis und die antike Traumdeutung. Texte - Kontexte - Lektüren (Berlin/New York: De Gruyter Oldenbourg 2015), 161-187.



  • Th. Schmitz, Bildung und Macht. Zur sozialen und politischen Funktion der zweiten Sophistik in der griechischen Welt der Kaiserzeit (München 1997), Mnemosyne 54 (2001), 374-378.
  • [With G.J. Boter] C.P. Jones (ed. and tr.), Philostratus: The Life of Apollonius of Tyana. The Loeb Classical Library, 16 en 17 (Cambridge, Massachusetts/London, England 2005), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2005.09.62.
  • P. Grossardt, Einführung, Übersetzung und Kommentar zum Heroikos von Flavius Philostrat. 1. Teilband: Einführung und Übersetzung; 2. Teilband: Kommentar (Basel 2006), Mnemosyne 62 (2009), 493-496. 

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Other activities

Member of the Research Group Hellenistic and Imperial Literature of the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands (OIKOS)


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