drs. C.F. (Karen) Jeneson

  • Position:PhD researcher Westeuropean Archaeology, Archeologisch Centrum Vrije Universiteit (ACVU)

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Research interests

Provincial-Roman Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Roman Villa landscapes in the North, use of GIS in Archaeology.


Take part in the NWO-financed research program 'Roman Villa Landschapes in the North: Economy, Culture, Life-styles'. This program aims at studying, analyzing and reconstructing villa landscapes and societies in the northern periphery of the Roman Empire.

My specific resesarch, one of three PhD-researches within the program, concerns the analysis of the spatial order and internal differentiation of villa landscapes at the regional level in the region between Tongeren and Heerlen.  Research topics are settlement patterns, organization of landcape, different types of landscape (f.i. power, economy, ideology), use of space and town-country relations. For the analyses I will be using GIS and other ICT applications.

I welcome suggestions and input from anyone involved in (Roman) landscape research!


  • 2006, Kwaliteitsnorm Nederlandse Archeologie (KNA) versie 3.1 (Quality standard Dutch Archaeology version 3.1), Gouda (member of projectgroup,  writer).
  • Jeneson, C.F., 2006: Terug naar Hoogeloon: blij weerzien of terug naar af? (Back to Hoogeloon: happy or sad reunion?), in Kerkhof, M., R. van Oosten, F. Tomas and C. van Woerdekom (eds.), SOJA-bundel 2005, Leiden, 125-132.
  • Jeneson, C.F., 2004: Terug naar Hoogeloon. Nieuwe inzichten in de inheems-Romeinse nederzetting op de Kerkakkers. (Return to Hoogeloon. New insights in the native-Roman settlement at the Kerkakkers.), unpublished MA dissertation.


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