dr. M.J. (Maaike) van den Haak

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 83834
  • Room nr:13a00
  • E-mail:mj.vanden.haak@let.vu.nl
  • Unit:fac. der geesteswetenschappen ( taal,lit.&comm. )
  • Position:University lecturer

Office hours: Until January 2012, I'll only be in on Thursdays. You may contact me by email on other work days.

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Evaluation of written (online) communication; pretest methods (concurrent and retrospective think-aloud protocols, constructive interaction); usability testing; writing; translation (DU-EN, EN-DU); discourse analysis.  


  • Translation EN-DU 1 & 2 (Master ICT & Translation)
  • Methods for assessing communicative processes (MA course on think-aloud protocols as usability method)  

In addition, I supervise students who are writing their BA/MA theses or doing a work placement.


I completed my PhD research at the University of Twente, within the linguistics section of the department of Applied Communication Studies. My research focused on the think-aloud method as formative evaluation method for non-profit (library and municipal) web sites. I've investigated the values and limitations of several variants of the think-aloud method (Concurrent think-aloud method, retrospective think-aloud method and constructive interaction), with respect to output (number and type of usability problems revealed), quality of verbalizations, and user experiences while working with a particular think-aloud variant.

Since obtaining my PhD degree, I've been investigating the validity of the think-aloud method in an online health context, i.e. by considering the effect of participant characteristics on the proper working of the method.   


  • Haak, van den, M.J., Jong, de, M.D.T. & Schellens, P.J. (2009). Evaluating municipal websites: A methodological comparison of three think-aloud variants, Government Information Quarterly, 26(1), 193-202.
  • Haak, van den, M.J. (2008). A penny for your thoughts – investigating the validity and reliability of think-aloud protocols for usability testing (PhD dissertation).
  • Haak, van den, M.J., Jong, de, M.D.T. & Schellens, P.J. (2007). Evaluation of a Municipal Website : three variants of the think-aloud method compared, Technical Communication , 54(1), 58-71.
  • Haak, van den, M.J., Jong, de. M.D.T. & Schellens, P.J. (2006). Hardopdenkprotocollen en gebruikersonderzoek: Volledigheid en reactiviteit van de synchrone hardopdenkmethode, Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing , 28 (3), 185-197.
  • Haak, van den, M.J., Jong, de, M.D.T. & Schellens, P.J. (2006). Constructive interaction - An Analysis of Verbal Interaction in a Usability Setting, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication , 49 (4), 311-324.

Extensive list of publications

Professional activities

Freelance translation (EN-DU and DU-EN) and editing, mainly of academic publications and (abstracts of) PhD theses.

2001-2005: Contributer to the review section of Tekstblad (a Dutch professional magazine for communication specialists).

Ancillary activities

No ancillary activities
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