dr. F. (Fredie) Floré

  • Position:lecturer

Dr. Fredie Floré is lecturer in architectural history at the VU University Amsterdam and post-doctoral research assistant at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ghent University. Until recently, she also was lecturer in the field of ‘theory and history of the interior’ at the Department of Architecture of St-Lucas, in Ghent and Brussels. Her research focuses on the history of discourses on home culture, domestic architecture, the interior and design in the 20th century. Given the nature of this research, she regularly collaborates with experts in related disciplines, such as art and design history, material culture and contemporary history.


Fredie Floré wrote a PhD on the history of discourses on ‘good’ or ‘correct living’ in Belgium in the period 1945-1958 (Ghent University, 2006; to be published in 2010 by Leuven University Press). She is co-editor of two books and published many chapters and articles in national and international books or journals, including The Journal of Architecture , the Journal of Design History and De Witte Raaf . She regularly presents her research on international conferences and, in 2010, she is co-convenor of the 7th conference of the International Committee for Design History and Design Studies, which will take place in Brussels (www.designandcraft2010.be).

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