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Curriculum Vitae

Since September 2012, VU University Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam are offering a joint Master’s programme within the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA). Thanks to this partnership, students can choose from a wide range of subjects, allowing them to develop as scholars in many different specialisms in the field of Classics, Ancient Studies en Archaeology.

Research interests

Latin Linguistics (pragmatics; text linguistics); Functional Discourse Grammar.


My teaching concerns linguistics, historiography and Roman comedy.


My research concerns Classical Latin literature and is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach crossing the border between linguistic and literary studies. Over the last five years this research has evolved along three interrelated lines.

1.   Discourse phenomena in Latin narrative texts

This line of research involves empirical and theoretical linguistic study of the various modes of presentation in Latin narrative texts (both poetry and prose), concentrating on discourse phenomena like tense, anaphoric reference and discourse particles. More specifically, my work in this field is characterized by the application of insights from modern (discourse) linguistics to the literary, rhetorical and stylistic analysis of Latin texts, as is e.g. demonstrated by recent articles on Ovid Heroides 10 (Kroon 2012), Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Kroon 2007), and Catullus C. 63 (Kroon 2004, 2005). In the period 2008-2011 three PhD theses in this field were defended  under my supervision (Suzanne Adema 2008 Discourse Modes and Bases. A Study of the Use of Tenses in Vergil's Aeneid; Lidewij van Gils 2009 Argument and Narrative. A Discourse Analysis of Ten Ciceronian Speeches; Paula Rose 2011 Augustine on the Relations between the Living and the Deceased: a Discourse-Linguistic Commentary on De cura pro mortuis gerenda).
From April 2010 I am directing, together with Irene de Jong (University of Amsterdam), the NWO-funded research program Ancient War Narrative. In addition to shedding new light on the rhetoric of ancient war narratives, the project also aims to develop, by the integration of linguistic and narratological concepts and approaches, an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for analyzing the central aspects of narrative. In 2012 I directed a NWO-funded program (‘Alfa Meerwaarde’ competition) which aims at applying the academic results of this line of research to course material for secondary schools (see

2.    Latin Particles

This research involves a long-term project with Rodie Risselada (University of Amsterdam) and Josine Schrickx (VU University Amsterdam/ Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, Munich), which continues the research reported in Kroon 1995 (Discourse Particles in Latin. A study of nam, enim, autem, vero and at. Amsterdam: Gieben) and which has a handbook of Latin particles as its ultimate goal. Recent results of this project are the PhD thesis by Schrickx (published as Lateinische Modalpartikeln, Leiden 2011) and Kroon 2011, ‘Latin Particles and the grammar of discourse’. In: Clackson, James (ed.), A Companion to the Latin Language. Blackwell, 176-195).

3.    Functional Discourse Grammar

Theoretical research concerning the problems involved in the expansion of the theory of Functional Grammar  from a sentence grammar into a discourse grammar (e.g. Hannay & Kroon 2005; 2011).

Current PhD projects

Drs. E.C.H. (Eva) van Hooijdonk, Dynamics of Latin and Vernacular Poetry in The Netherlands
Drs. C.M. (Michiel) van der Keur, A linguistic-literary commentary on Silius Italicus Punica book 13
Drs. M. (Math) Osseforth, Amicitia in Saint Augustine’s Confessiones
D. (David) Stienaers MA, Report in Latin War Narrative
Drs. G.F. (Gerben) Wartena, Christian Epic at the Crossroads of Cultures: Sedulius’ Carmen Paschale book 5

Publications (selection)

To appear/in preparation
- Textual Deixis and the Latin demonstrative hic. In: J. De la Villa & A. Pompei. Benjamins.

- Narrating the Unnarratable: Narrative Structure in the Pisonian Conspiracy (Tacitus Annals 15.47-74)

-Voce voco. Some text linguistic observations on Ovid Heroides 10. Mnemosyne 65.2, 238-250 (DOI: 10.1163/156852511X547974)

- Latin Particles and the grammar of discourse. In: Clackson, James (ed.), A Companion to the Latin Language. Blackwell, 176-195

- [together with Mike Hannay] Le statut de l’acte dans une Grammaire Fonctionelle du Discours. In: Mohammed Jadir (ed.), Fonctionnalisme et description linguistique. Sarrebruck: Éditions Universitaires Européennes, 81-90 (ISBN 978-613-1-56187-0)   

- Anaphoric Reference and referential choice in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In: P. Anreiter & M. Kienpointner, Latin Linguistics Today. Proceedings of 15th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, Innsbruck April 2008. Innsbruck: Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft, 579-593

- [together with Ineke Sluiter] Het Geheim van de Blauwe Broer. Eindrapport van de Verkenningscommissie Klassieke Talen. SLO, Leiden/Enschede (68 pp.)  Isbn 928-90-865-9489-4   

- Text structure and referential choice in Latin narrative. The anaphoric use of the Latin demonstrative ille. Belgian Journal of Linguistics 23, 115-131

- Latin Linguistics between Grammar and Discourse. Units of Analysis, Levels of Analysis. In: E. Rieken und P. Widmer (Hgg.), Pragmatische Kategorien. Form, Funktion und Diachronie. Wiesbaden: Reichert, 143-158  

- Discourse modes and the use of tenses in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In: R.J. Allan & M. Buijs (eds.),  The Language of Literature. Linguistic Approaches to Classical Texts. Leiden: Brill, 65-92

- Inleiding tot de Latijnse Syntaxis. Structuur van Zin en Tekst. Amsterdam University Press (176 pp.); 2nd edition 2010

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