dr. S.W. (Wybren) Verstegen

  • Telephone:+31 20 59 86355
  • Room nr:14a-00
  • E-mail:s.w.verstegen@vu.nl
  • Unit:faculteit der letteren (geschiedenis)
  • Position:Lecturer

Office hours: you can always reach me through my email which I check regularly.

Research interests

Environmental history, environmental protection.


Economic, social and environmental history; English 2005: Nature and progress; rivers.


  • environmental history
  • environmental protection in the Netherlands



  • (Met P.J.E.M. van Dam) ‘Environmental history: object of study and methodology’ in: J.J. Boersema, L. Reijnders (eds.), Principles of Environmental Sciences (Springer) 25-32.
  • (Met J.C. Hanekamp) ‘The Sustainability Debate: Idealism versus Conformism- the controversy over economic growth’in: J. OOsthoek, B.K. Gills The Globalization of Environmental crisis (Routledge) p. 67-80.

before 2008:

  • 'The castle Cannenburg as a centre of noble power in the 16th century: properties or privileges?', Chateau Gaillard. Etudes de Castellologie médiévale 13 (1986) 253-262.
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp) 'The sustainability debate: idealism versus conformism- the controversy over economic growth', Globalizations 2-3 (2005) 349-362.
  • ‘Denying Malthus: demographic, economic, and environmental developments from 1500 to 1800’ and ‘Fuel resources and wastelands in the Netherlands around 1800‘, Tamara Whited (e.a.), Northern Europe. An environmental history (Santa Barbara 2005) 73-102, 165-175.
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp en G. Vera-Navas) 'The historical roots of precautionary thinking. The cultural ecological critique and The Limits to Growth', in: Journal of Risk Research 8-4 (2005) 295-310
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp) 'The problem of the precautionary principle: the paternalism of the precautionary coalition', in: James Panton and Oliver Marc Hartwich, Science vs. Superstition. The case for a new scientific enlightenment (Buckingham 2006) p. 22-34

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