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Grant awarded to new eHumanities project: BiographyNed

The Netherlands eScience Center has awarded a 500K grant to the BiographyNed project of VU and Huygens ING.

The project aims to develop a virtual society of people - past and present, within the Biography Portal of the Netherlands. The grant has recently been awarded to the project proposal of Guus Schreiber (Faculty of Sciences), Piek Vossen and Susan Legêne (Faculty of Arts), together with Els Kloek (Huygens/ING). The key objective of this three-year project is to try and trace, within the Biography Portal of the Netherlands (Huygens/ING), the movements of people and events that contributed to what today we understand as ‘the boundaries of the Netherlands’.

The project will build a semantic layer on top of the current Biography portal in order to enrich our sources and analytical tools for history writing. This requires to tackle many problems at the intersection of history writing, computational linguistics and linked data research related to various types of event extraction and network analysis. The eScience Center is committed to make these tools available to the eHumanities community at large. The project builds on results of previous collaborative projects at the VU: the CATCH/Agora programme, CAMeRA/Semantics of History, as well as the FP7 KYOTO programme.

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