Academic English electives

Are you interested in writing your bachelor dissertation in English? Or do you want to go further and follow an English-taught master programme? Or do you simply want to improve the quality of your spoken and written English above Dutch VWO level?

If so, you can put together a package of  courses in your keuzeruimte. The Department of Language and Communication offers four BA electives in Academic English for you to choose from. The courses are mainly geared to written language, and are offered at two levels, but there is also a pronunciation course which you can do separately. If you opt to do the whole programme and complete it successfully, you will have all the confidence you need to embark on your master’s degree in the knowledge that your English will not be a stumbling block.

All four courses make use of innovative ICT materials that support individualized learning. In particular, the writing courses make use of an integrated feedback system. Every text you submit is error-coded and returned to you in a format which helps you identify the cause of the mistakes you have made, then sends you for each kind of mistake to a purpose-built website that gives you a brief tutorial about the problem in question, then links on to a set of exercise material that gives you tailor-made practice. This way you are given your own individualized learning route which you can follow online.

Relationship between the courses

You can do the whole package of courses, amounting to 15 credits, or you can do a specific subset. If your interest is specifically in improving your pronunciation, then you can do the pronunciation module without following any of the other courses. If you are interested in improving your written skills, then you must start with grammar and writing 1, which together form a kind of foundation programme. You can then choose to progress to writing 2, which is a level 200 course.

The distribution of the courses is as follows:
  • period 1: grammar 1 and writing 1
  • period 2: pronunciation
  • period 2 and 3: writing 2

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More information

If you would like more information about the Academic English electives, please send a mail to Mike Hannay ( If you are a master’s student you can also follow specific courses designed for remedial purposes and for advanced students.
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Study type: Full-time
  • Field of Interest: Language and Communication
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