The Facaulty of Arts offers a broad range of minors and electives. Some of the minor and elective programmes in English have been highlighted in the list below:

  • Academic English
    Improve your Academic English with these electives.
  • The Dutch in the World
    Whether you have been living here for many years – maybe even your whole life – or you have only recently got to know the Netherlands, living here may have made you wonder: what is characteristic about Dutch culture.
  • Early Modern Culture
    Focusing on early modern Europe (ca. 1450-1850), this minor gives an introduction in the main topics of cultural history and the different ways historians have studied them. Students will discover this dynamic history, from the classic cultural history, through the Annales school and Marxism, to the anthropological turn, the linguistic turn, the spatial turn and finally the ‘digital turn’.
  • Language and Culture of the Ancient Near East
    By choosing the minor in ‘Language and culture of the Ancient Near East’ you can truly expand your horizon. You will explore a distant culture – yet it’s our past. It’s so different – but often so just like us.
  • Migration Studies
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