Minor: Language and Culture of the Ancient Near East

The minor programme

The minor “Language and Culture of the Ancient Near East” has three basic (obligatory) components: Babylonian, an introduction into the history of Mesopotamia and another into the history of the Levant. Depending on your major you can add other components, such as a course in Ancient History, Ancient Religions, or “Biblical and Classical Tales”. You must earn 30 ECTS altogether to complete the minor.

If you can’t get enough of it (or in case you need more study points), you can continue with Near Eastern subjects in period 4 and 5, e.g. Archaeologie van het Oude Nabije Oosten (period 4, 6 ECTS); Elementary Babylonian 3 (period 4, 3 ECTS); Elementary Babylonian 4 (period 5-6, 6 ECTS); History of Ancient Near Eastern Literature (period 5, 3 ECTS), or an introduction into Syriac in period 4.

*Elementary course Babylonian 131English   L_SABAOHK105  
*Elementary course Babylonian 262-3EnglishL_SABAOHK106
*History and Cultures of the Ancient Near East A and B (must be taken together)3+31English L_SABAOHK206 (A) L_SABAOHK213 (B)
Basiscursus geschiedenis van de Oudheid 131NederlandsL_GOBAALG102
Basiscursus geschiedenis van de Oudheid 232-3NederlandsL_GOBAALG103
Bijbels en klassiek verhalengoed91-3NederlandsL_AABAALG018
History of the Levant A and B (A can be taken alone, B only in combination with A)3 + 32English on demand (A) Self-study (B)L_SABAOHK215 (A) L_SABAOHK216 (B)
Godsdiensten van de Oudheid62-3EnglishL_OABAOHK201

Courses with a * are obligatory in order to complete the faculty minor.

Drieluik 2

The courses

In “Elementary Akkadian” you will be introduced to the Babylonian language. In “History and Culture of the Ancient Near East” we will focus on the political history of Mesopotamia, but we will also talk about how people lived and what they dreamt and hoped.  In “History of the Levant” you will become acquainted with the background of Biblical and generally Levantine history.  In “Ancient Religions” (Godsdiensten van de Oudheid) you will hear about Mesopotamian cults, ideas and practices, the rise of monotheism and ancient Israelite religion and about Greek and Roman religion.

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