Minor The Dutch in the World

Whether you have been living here for many years – maybe even your whole life – or you have only recently got to know the Netherlands, living here may have made you wonder: what is characteristic about Dutch culture? About its buildings, its politics, its art, its literature, its economics, its technology or its people, for example. In which respects is the Netherlands comparable to other countries, in which respects are the differences impossible to miss? And what are the reasons for these similarities and dissimilarities? How is the Netherlands connected to other countries, today and in the past?

If you are curious to learn more about these and other historical and actual connections between the Netherlands and other countries and their impact on Dutch culture, you may be interested in the minor The Dutch in the World.

The Dutch in the World is an English-language interdisciplinary minor. The departments of History, of Arts & Culture and of Modern Languages & Cultures have worked together to develop this unique new international minor. The minor focuses specifically on Dutch history and culture from an international perspective. The Dutch in the World intends to appeal to both international (exchange) students and Dutch students. This makes it possible for the international students to really get to know the Dutch and for Dutch students to really get to know their own culture within an international context.

(1) New Amsterdam, today’s New York, 1664; (2) flag of the European Union; (3) Picture of the Russian Hermitage in St.Petersburg

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