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Information for exchange students

Websites with a focus on Dutch culture

  • www.dbnl.org
    In this digital library of Dutch texts you can find literary texts from medieval times until recently; academic articles about literature from the beginning of the discipline until recently; and other texts which are regarded as belonging to the cultural canon of the Netherlands. 
  • www.entoen.nu
    The website from the official Dutch historical canon, which offers 50 windows to important events from Dutch history, meant to serve as a handle to for example teachers and educational institutions. The canon was launched in 2007 and the subject of some controversy concerning the necessity of a canon and which events should be included.   
  • www.geheugenvannederland.nl
    On this website, provided by the Royal Library in The Hague, you can search the 392,277 images of from several Dutch institutions and museums: pictures, illustrations, archival materials, books etc. You can search on theme, institution, place, year, maker and many more entries.  
  • www.government.nl
    This website is provided by the Dutch Government. You can find here up-to-date information about governmental bodies, political decisions and events. The site also contains an extensive list with links to other websites regarding Dutch politics. 
  • www.inghist.nl
    The website from the Institute for Dutch History with lots of online resources and references to databases, publications and websites regarding the history of the Netherlands.    
  • www.kb.nl
    The website from the Royal Library in The Hague. Here you can find several web exhibitions as well as dossiers about people and documents from Dutch history and news about the latest exhibitions of the library.   
  • www.nai.nl
    The website of the Dutch Architecture Institute, with information about publications, exhibitions and events, as well as digital archives and some highlights from the collection. 
  • www.rijksmuseum.nl
    Website of the Rijksmuseum, the national museum of Dutch art and history. The website offers an overview of the complete collection and references to publications, exhibitions and events.


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