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Internships offer you opportunities to prepare for your professional career. You will have the choice from a wide-ranging field of cultural institutions in and around the city of Amsterdam. You will be encouraged to find an appropriate internship according to your own interests. Past and current students have gone on internships at various Dutch and foreign institutions: media archives such as the Institute for Sound & Image (including the Dutch radio and television archives) and Eye Filminstituut Nederland (formerly the Film Museum), De Balie cultural centre, the Dutch Research Council, Vice, the Premsela Foundation, galleries and national newspapers. Note that finding an internship is your own responsibility and we cannot guarantee you will find a place.

A master internship at CAMS needs to have the character of research (archival/ audience/ market research, research for an exhibition/ publication/ website, etc.) and needs to be approved by your supervisor and our Examination Board. You have max. 12 ects for the internship (12x28 hrs.), including the writing of the report. You will simulteaneously have courses to follow. More information about the manual and the contract.

Some of the institutions where students did their internships were:

CAMS - internships

Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art

For her Internship programme Alexandra Mihali chose to work at a young gallery in Amsterdam, founded in 2010 by a former Comparative Arts and Media student, Jeanine Hofland. Jeanine Hofland Contemporary Art is a gallery representing young, emergent artists in multiple media. Besides, the gallery also collaborates with curators and institutions through '#Alongside', a non-profit programme.

"At the gallery, one of my responsibilities was taking care of the archive, so I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with the activities of the gallery and the represented artists. Another responsibility was researching the '#Alongside' programme, meeting the curator of the ongoing residency and taking part at the exhibitions. Moreover, I actively participated at the Rotterdam Art Fair. The Internship experience inspired me to further analyse non-profit programmes within commercial art galleries in Amsterdam, Paris and London for my MA Thesis."
- Alexandra Mihali

Waag Society

For her internship Sarah Cohan worked for Stichting Waag Society on a project to expand the Amsterdam LGBT walking tour smartphone application, Pink Perspectives, Across Europe. The tour is available through the Museum App, which is currently used by twenty-one major museums in Amsterdam to host cultural tour routes, including Amsterdam Museum, Canal House, Rembrandt House and Museum Ship organizations. The Waag Society created Pink Perspectives in 2011 and wanted to bring similar walking tours to several different European cities. 

“I worked with LGBT focused cultural centers in several different countries across Europe to implement a plan to build walking tours in their respective cities. I compiled a comprehensive funding request for the European Commission and learned first-hand how artists and organizations receive funding from this important institution. The office culture was important to my experience, as I was constantly learning about interesting and groundbreaking projects that my fellow colleagues were working on. The internship tied in well with my studies of transmedia storytelling, displaying the implantation of theory into practice.” 
- Sarah Cohan

Independent Films

Bram Davis carried out his internship at production company Independent Films that takes care of all aspects of advertising, distribution and sales of both Dutch and non Dutch films. “I was tasked with visiting cinemas and researching which films were being shown in each cinema. I would travel all over the country to collect information about how many advertisements for each film, in the form of posters, abri's standees and trailers were being used in each movie theatre and for which movies, and whether they were being used effectively. The information would then be written down and photos taken before relaying the information on a monthly basis to the managing director of the company.

Part of my role as distribution and sales intern was to attend film premieres to help with the preparation of advertising material, which was especially fun as several premier's required guests to wear suits and ties and there were often well known Dutch celebrities in attendance. My knowledge of the distribution and sales part of the film industry was also improved on, because every week or so I would be given information on the budgets, ticket sales and spending on the new releases of films.”
- Bram Davis

EYE Film Institute Netherlands

For her internship Anne van Oppen conducted a research on the programming of experimental film within international leading film institutions and museums for EYE Film Institute Netherlands. The institute was founded in 2010 when Holland Film, the Nederlands Instituut voor Filmeducatie, the Filmbank and the Filmmuseum merged into one organisation. In the spring of 2012 EYE Film Institute Netherlands moved to a new location situated at the Northern bank of the IJ, behind the Central Station of Amsterdam. At the new location there is more space for experimental film and this was an incentive for research on the programming of experimental film in other international leading film institutions and museums.

“I have approached several institutions to participate in this research by sending them a questionnaire and processing the information and conclusions in a research report. The participating institutions are: The Austrian Filmmuseum Vienna, Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona, Centre Pompidou Paris, Cinematek Brussels,  Danish Film Institute Copenhagen, MOMA New York, Museo Nazionale del Cinema Turin and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Madrid. The experimental film department (the former Filmbank) consists of a small programming team and with this internship I had the opportunity to put my academic skills into practice and develop them further under the supervision of professionals.”
- Anne van Oppen

CO-OP's project

"For our internship in the Comparative Arts and Media Studies MA we, have been working as travelling reporters for the CO-OP's project, which is part of the NWO-programme Transformations in Art and Culture. We’ve criss-crossed the country with our camera to interview the participating scholars and artists. Alongside this, we’re also responsible for the documentation and archiving of word and image material. You can read more about our activities and experiences on our weblog (in Dutch). You can also learn more on the Internships page in this site."
- Femke Stokkel and Annejet Riedijk

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