Comparative Arts and Media Studies

A unique programme in a thriving city

Studying in the city of Amsterdam is a unique experience. The urban setting and the multicultural mind-set of the people of Amsterdam, combined with the presence of a thriving cultural city life give your education a special dimension.

Unique programme
Our programme is unique in the Netherlands: you will have the opportunity to focus on a comparison between various media and art forms or to study intermedialities in relation to a specific dominant medium. 

Theory meets practice
You can do so within a wide array of theoretical, analytical and historical frameworks. In addition to a strong theoretical impetus in the Reading Concepts of Intermediality course (i.e. both classical and contemporary culture and media theory) you will also take courses with links to intermedial practice, such as Crossmedial Exhibitions. Think of concepts like mass media, remediation, or Gesamtkunstwerk, or consider the present-day use of social media or transmedial blockbusters, in relation to new ways of storytelling.

Past meets present
While The Art of Comparison combines the past with the present, Transmedia Storytelling deals with contemporary media phenomena. The exhibitions studied in Crossmedial Exhibitions may have a historical or contemporary subject, yet our analysis of the production and reception of exhibitions is always linked to the present-day situation.

Cultural collaboration
There are many opportunities for collaboration with the cultural institutions in Amsterdam. Our wide-ranging academic courses allow you to explore these collaborations to their fullest and to put your knowledge into practice in unique and exciting ways.  

Staff and student network
Our programme is staffed by people who are very active in local, national and international research networks. Their expertise concerns cultural and media theory, film studies, television studies, digital media and the interconnections between them. We also participate in a two-year international Research MA, Visual Arts, Media & Architecture. All Master’s students participate in the Graduate Seminar in the Humanities. For more information on our staff see our page Staff and research.  

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