International students may apply for various kinds of funding. Some possibilities are:

VU Fellowship Programme
Direct Loan Programme (US students)
Netherlands Fellowship Programme
STUNED Scholarship Programme
Libertas Support Fund
Other scholarship possibilities

Working during and after your studies

For international students, it is possible to work beside your studies, however for students who do not speak Dutch it is usually difficult to find something. The university has its own in-house employment agency that may be able to help. Also check out www.undutchables.nl. As a non-EU student, under Dutch law you are only allowed to work 10 hours a week if you have a work permit. The residents of the new EU countries can also work 10 hours weekly but do not need a work permit.

For international students who have completed their Master’s at VU University Amsterdam, there is a possibility to stay in the Netherlands an additional year to search for job opportunities, while maintaining your visa.

Read more about working besides your studies.


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