Linguistics (Research)

A job as… a researcher, a teacher, an editor…

  • PhD-student
    Your most likely prospect after completing your Research Master’s is to set up your own research programme as a PhD student. This involves carrying out research under the guidance of a supervisor, and writing a PhD thesis on the subject. 
  • Researcher
    You can also embark on a career at a research institute outside of the academic setting. There are many research institutes eager to welcome researchers schooled in qualitative and quantitative research. 
  • Other opportunities
    But you can also embark on a career outside the field of research, for instance as an editor, a language policy worker in education for a local or national government, or a teacher.

And as a Linguistic Engineer …

All of the opportunities mentioned are open for research masters in Linguistic Engineering. Language technology is rapidly developing field of research. What is more, in linguistic research nowadays a firm background in language technology is extremely valuable in the context of manipulating large datasets. In addition, the language industry is very keen on linguists with a technical background. Being a graduate of the CLTL will certainly increase your chances.

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