Multimodal Communication

The VU Fellowship Programme

The VU Fellowship Programme (VUFP) is a highly selective scholarship for strongly motivated international students with excellent study results. If you want to apply to the VUFP, you will need to complete the scholarship application as well as the Master’s programme application by 1 March

More information can be found at www.vuamsterdam.com/vufellowship.

Students with a foreign Bachelor's/Master's degree

Admission requirements

Students are eligible for admission to the Multimodal Communication programme with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Linguistics or Language and Communication. If you have not studied English, Linguistics or Language and Communication, you will only be eligible if your Bachelor’s degree has a strong linguistic component. We will assess your previous education at course level to decide whether you have completed a sufficient number of linguistics courses.

Your suitability will be assessed on not only the basis of your previous education, but also on your motivation for this specific programme. Be sure to elaborate on your interest in multimodal communication in particular.

Application procedure
For more information on the application procedure, the required documents and the online application system, please use the following link. The departmental Examination Board of the Graduate School of Humanities will decide upon your admission after having officially reviewed and evaluated your application. Diplomas unknown to the board will be assessed by the Master's programme coordinator in cooperation with NUFFIC. We aim to inform you of the formal decision within 4-6 weeks from receiving your complete application.

You must always present official test results demonstrating your proficiency in English. Only students who have completed a full high school or Bachelor’s degree in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia may be exempt. Specifically for Metaphor in Discourse, we require higher test scores, namely a TOEFL score (of 600 paper based, 250 computer based or 100 internet based), or an IELTS score of 7.0.

Deadline for international students
The Master’s programme application deadline for (non-) EU students with an international degree is 1 April. EU students with an international degree who do not need housing services through VU University Amsterdam can still apply until 1 June.

Please note that we must have received all required documents and the application fee before the deadline in order to start the evaluation process. 

Contact person for international students
Mr Stipo Jeleč
International Student Advisor
t +31 (20) 59 889 20

Admission and application for Dutch students

Direct admission to the Master's programme is possible with a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Culture, Linguistics, and Communication and Information Studies from VU University Amsterdam. Applications from students with equivalent Bachelor's degrees from other universities in the Netherlands have to be submitted to the Examination Board for assessment.

If you have a Bachelor's degree in another subject, the Examination Board will decide what subjects you will be required to take in preparation for the Master’s programme. Depending on the number of subjects you have to take, you will either have to register for and complete the Bachelor's programme or you will be permitted to register for the pre-Master's course (one year maximum).

Dutch students and international candidates with a Dutch degree can apply via Studielink before the 1st of June for the master programme Multimodal Communication under the label Communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen (Communication and Information Studies).

After you have applied for the master in Studielink, the university will retrieve your application details from Studielink, prepare your VU Portal account (which is linked to Studielink), and e-mail you the login details. Please note that this may take a couple of days. The e-mail will contain instructions on how to access your account and complete your application in the VU Portal (vunet.vu.nl). Don’t forget to fill in your specialization on VUnet: Multimodal Communication. 

Next to this, you'll need to provide all the documents containing the information we need to decide whether you are admissible. The following required documents should be send to toelating.fgw@vu.nl:

  • application form (Dutch)
  • transcript of records (scan of original)
  • motivation letter
  • curriculum vitae
The curriculum vitae should include your personal details and list your previous education and relevant work experience.

Your application will be reviewed by the Faculty of Humanities. The final decision on admission is made by the Examination Board of the Master's programme within 6 weeks. You will be informed on this via Studielink.

For more information on admission requirements and procedures, click here if you are a VU student, and here if you have a BA from another Dutch university.

Time line of admission procedure
Click here for an overview (Dutch) of the entire admission procedure.

HBO students
If you have a BA from an HBO (Higher Vocational Education), click here for more information on admission.

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