Metaphor in Discourse

Student experiences

'I wanted a degree which would help me get to grips with the real language, and not just to develop my own language skills: I also want to understand how language really works. I love solving puzzles and working with research data in a very detailed way. The courses in the programme give me this opportunity. The personal approach and the close-knit community are definitely an advantage in exploring language and finding your way in linguistics.'

Olga Kolbasina
, Master’s student of Communication and Information Studies, programme Metaphor in Discourse

'When I started the Master’s programme Metaphor Studies, all I knew about metaphor was that it is sometimes used by writers and poets to embellish their works. But it turned out to be so much more. Not only does metaphor structure the way we think and act, it can also be used to persuade people through advertisements, commercials, political speeches and other means. If you are interested in learning about the hidden processes underlying our language and cognition in a friendly and inspiring environment, this programme is definitely for you!'

Natalya Zaychenko
, Huygens student from Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia.

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