Multimodal Communication

Why study Multimodal Communication at VU University Amsterdam

Strong research focus

The courses in this programme are closely linked to the current research of staff members, so that students gain insights into the latest research developments. You are encouraged to explore your own interests in depth using the tools and theories we provide you with, culminating in your own research project when you write your MA thesis in the second semester. 

As some examples, the VU is the starting point of the Amsterdam Gesture Center, a forum for researching the relations between speakers' verbal and co-verbal behavior; the Amsterdam Critical Discourse Community, an open discussion platform that focuses on the analysis of social practices of communication through the paradigm of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA); and Amsterdam Research on Text and Talk in Institutional Settings, a group conducting data analysis sessions and discussing readings from the points of view of interaction analysis and conversation analysis.

At the heart of a Graduate School
As a MA student in Communication and Information Studies you will be part of our Department of Language and Communication, a core element in the faculty’s new Graduate School of Humanities. Being part of the Graduate School environment means you will also have close links with students in related Master’s programmes such as Translation, Linguistics, Journalism, and Communication and Information Studies.

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