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Magazine and Student association

Kunstlicht is a journal for the visual arts, visual culture and architecture. This journal is associated with the Department for Art and Culture. Since 1980 it has provided a platform for scholarly articles on art in all its facets. Students as well as established academics publish the results of their research in Kunstlicht.

VamakunstlichtThe editorial board of Kunstlicht consists entirely of students and recent graduates. To keep the threshold for publication as low as possible while still achieving a high level of quality, a member of the editorial staff closely supervises every contributor during the writing process. Students who are interested in publishing an article in Kunstlicht should contact the editorial board. Students in the Department of Art and Culture who are proficient in Dutch may also join the editorial board of Kunstlicht and gain valuable editorial experience.

A subscription to Kunstlicht costs just € 15.- for the first year. For more information visit www.tijdschriftkunstlicht.nl. Contact: redactie@tijdschriftkunstlicht.nl.

Kliché, the student association
Studievereniging KitschSince 1984 student association Kliché organizes activities to widen en deepen students' study experience and strengthen bonds between students, teachers and alumni. On all study-related excursions students are accompanied by experts or teachers of the Arts and Culture department. 

Other Kliché activities are a monthly movie night and a trip abroad in the second semester. In addition to the study related excursions there are more socially activities such as opera, ballet and social drinks.
Another great help for you study is the discount Kliché offers you on your study literature.

More information about Kliché (Dutch)

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