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Chair Language and Communication

General information

Man is a 'homo communicans': it's in our nature to communicate with each other. Communication without language is inconcievable. In every phone conversation, every email, every website and every advertisement language is ever present. It is only natural that research into and education about the roll of language in communication processes has recieved a separate domain at the faculty. Since september 2002 an important part of the education and research is placed with the chair group Language and Communication.

The research by the chair group focusses primarily on language differences between genres: how does language in a news item differ from language in an advertisement or a phone conversation? The education by the chair group focusses primarily on the following topics:

  • quality of texts and conversations
  • advice on texts and conversations
  • language features of texts and conversations

The chair group contributes to the studiesĀ± Dutch language and culture, Communication- and Informationsciences, IT & Translating, Journalism and Linguistics

A group of researches who work with 'talk and text in institutional settings', has come together in ARTTIS-VU. Read more about the targets and research by this group of scientists.


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