prof. dr. P.T.J.M. (Piek) Vossen

  • Telefoon:+31 20 59 86457
  • Kamernr:13a-89
  • Onderdeel:fac. der geesteswetenschappen (taal,lit.&comm.)
  • Functie:Hoogleraar Computationale Lexicologie

Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: VU, Fridays at home. 
Office is closed flex-working space, so call before visiting.

Short CV

Research interests

Wordnets, Terminology, Computational Lexicon, Ontologies, Lexicon and Ontology Acquisition, Computational Linguistics, Language Technology and Computer-Applications. 


My research focuses on WordNets and Computational Lexicons, both within a single language but also from a multilingual perspective. I am interested in the relation between lexicons and ontologies, both from a theoretical point of view as well as from their usage in computer-applications in which meaning and interpretation play a role. I see the lexicon as a fundamental resource to anchor meaning and interpretation in useful computer behaviour. Computer behaviour can make use of communicative models and insights from communication science. The organization of the lexicon and the knowledge stored in it needs to take that usage as a starting point. 

Current Research

  • NewsReader: (“Building structured event indexes of large volumes of financial and economic data for decision making”): 7th EU Framework project project ICT-2011-8-3164048 (2013-2015)
  • Depression (“Exploiting textual and numerical data to improve predictive models for depression”): KNAW-grant for The Network Institute for an Academy Assistants program, called “Social networks: working at the interface of social sciences and computer science” (2012-2013).
  • SPREAD (“Spreading of metaphors and key phrases on the Web”): KNAW-grant for The Network Institute for an Academy Assistants program, called “Social networks: working at the interface of social sciences and computer science” (2012-2013).
  • OpeNER (“Open Polarity Enhanced Named Entity Recognition”): 7th EU Framework project ICT-296451 (2012-2014).
  • BiographyNed: (From the Biography Portal of the Netherlands to a Virtual Society of People Past and Present): VU/ UvA eScience-project (2012-2016).
  • Cornetto-LMF-RDF: (Curated Cornetto database in LMF and RDF): a CLARIN project (2012-2013).
  • SIERA: (“Integrating Sina Institute into the European Research Area”): 7th EU Framework project (2012-2014).
  • TH@SIS: (“Throwing Hypothesis At Semantic Information Systems”): Netwerk Instituut Research Voucher (2013)
  • From sentiments and opinions in texts to positions of political parties (Text2Politics): a CAMeRA project (2009-2013)
  • Semantics of History: a CAMeRA project (2009-2013)
  • Global WordNet Grid: a GWA Project (2006-ongoing)
  • Global Wordnet Association (2000-ongoing)

Old Projects

  • KYOTO (Knowledge Yielding Ontologies for Transition-based Organization): 7th EC Framework project ICT-211423 (2008-2011)
  • DutchSemCor: (“Dutch corpus with word senses from the Cornetto database): NWO-project 380-70-011 (2009-2012)
  • EuroWordNet (EWN): 4th EC Framework Project LE2 4003 and LE 8328 (1996-2000)
  • FLaReNet (Fostering Language Resources Network): 7th EU Framework project ECP-2007-LANG-617001 (2007-2011)
  • Cornetto (A Combinatoric and Relational Network for Language Technology): Nederlandse Taalunie/Stevin-programma STE05039 (2006-2008)
  • Pilotgrant DutchSemCor (“Dutch corpus with word senses from the Cornetto database): NWO (jan-aug 2008)
  • Arabic WordNet (AWN): American Government (2005-2007)
  • Meaning (Developing Multilingual Web-scale Language Technologies): 5th EC Framework project IST-2001-34460 (2002-2005)
  • Euroterm: (Extending the EuroWordNet with Public Sector Terminology): EC Framework project (2001-2003)
  • Balkanet (Design and Development of a Multilingual Balkan WordNet): EC Framework project IST-2000-29388 (2002-2004)
  • SIFT: (Selecting Information From Text) EC Framework project LRE 62030 (1994-1996)
  • Acquilex-2: Esprit-project BRA 7315 (1992-1995)
  • Acquilex-1: Esprit-project BRA-3030 (1989-1992) 
  • Links: NWO 300-169-007) 1983-1986

Professional activities

Further activities



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